One-Piece Thin-Bezel Grille

A paintable, thin-bezel grille keeps the speaker out of sight for a smooth, minimalistic finish. Plus, magnetic connection makes it a breeze to install. 

Forward-Mounted Woofer

Full, room-filling sound starts with proper dispersion. When a woofer is set too far back in a speaker, the sound tunnels and you lose that “sound everywhere” quality. With forward-mounting and flared baffles, Episode Signature speakers fulfill the promise of wide dispersion to fill your room – and your life – with excellent sound.

Ribbed Surround

Typical woofer surrounds are smooth, creating dimpling and distortion during cone movement. The result is muddy, sloppy sounding bass. Episode Signature speakers feature ribbed surrounds to create linear cone movement and cleaner, tighter bass.

Adjustable Tweeter

No matter where you install a speaker, you want to hear the same fantastic sound. An adjustable tweeter allows you to perfectly aim the output to suit your space. Top-notch sound is a given – you just get to hear it where you want it. 

Elliptical Tweeter

An elliptical tweeter avoids peaks or dips in sound – when it sounds too hot or too muddy – because it breaks up the resonant frequencies that cause those peaks and dips. The elliptical shape spreads frequencies over a wider range for a difference you can truly hear.