Sound that Moves You


When Episode set up shop in 2006, we had one goal in mind: to make the industry's best speaker. Our ambitions were high, but our beginnings were humble. We weren't scientists in lab coats, we were music lovers just like you. 

In crafting our first speakers, we used premium materials and made sure they were only sold through custom integrators.  

The result? Speakers that look and sound like nothing else on the market. 

In the past decade, we've expanded our product line, become a household name among custom integrators, and added a few awards to our trophy case. But we never forget what got us here: GREAT SOUND


Episode Signature Construction

Outstanding sound comes from sound construction.



Full, room-filling sound starts with proper dispersion. When a woofer is set too far back in a speaker, the sound tunnels and you lose that "sound everywhere" quality. With forward-mounting and flared baffles, Episode Signature speakers fulfill the promise of wide dispersion to fill your room - and your life - with excellent sound.


Typical woofer surrounds are smooth, creating dimpling and distortion during cone movement. The result is muddy, sloppy sounding bass. Episode Signature speakers feature ribbed surrounds to create linear cone movement and cleaner, tighter bass.


An elliptical tweeter avoids peaks or dips in sound - when it sounds too hot or too muddy - because it breaks up the resonant frequencies that cause those peaks and dips. The elliptical shape spreads frequencies over a wider range for a difference you can truly hear.


Scientifically designed in collaboration with the National Research Council, Signature by Episode delivers superior sound by adhering to three philosophies: low distortion, wide dispersion, and flat frequency response for tremendously lifelike sound.

Installed by Professionals

If you haven't heard the name Episode, it's because you haven't heard speakers like this. 

Our speakers aren't available in retail stores, which means they can only be bought and sold by professional installers. This exclusivity ensures our speakers are custom-fit for your home and configured to provide you with the best sound imaginable.